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Scale & Communicate Your Message On A Roadshow

A clear and consistent message delivers clear and consistent results.

For the past two-years, Red Leaf has partnered with a financial institution in Australia on a national roadshow providing design and delivery expertise.

The Brief

1. Create interactive, engaging and action-based moments across a two-day conference, integrated with business-critical conversations.

2. Deliver the experience in a consistent manner in all 7 locations Australia-wide to communicate strategy, priorities and to highlight the path forward.

3. Most importantly focus on practical actions participants can do right now, back at their desk, on Monday.

The Pitch

There are many organisations that can pitch for opportunities like this and plenty that create great workshops that are interactive, engaging and have actions embedded. So why choose Red Leaf? Two words – Virtual Adventure. They are all the rage with streaming giants Netflix (see Bandersnatch & Bear Grylls You vs Wild). The viewer, or in this case participant, make decisions and get to see the consequences.

We believe virtual adventures are the best tool to scale and communicate messages across large organisations with consistency. Each team gets to choose their own adventure however the foundations underlying decisions are consistent and align to the organisation’s objectives. The first year of the national roadshow teams virtually summited Mt Cook in New Zealand, we focused on transformation and the right mindset to deal with change. In the second year, participants got to virtually track and trail lion, rhino and leopard in Kruger National Park, South Africa, we focused on customer centricity and the skills required to track your customers.

What about the action-based moments? We customised two different workshops to match the adventure theme. The first was a practical action plan based around mindset and the second was a process based on personal growth.

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