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Pairing Business With African Wildlife?

A mobile tech company leading the way with their holistic approach to personal leadership.

Red Leaf started to work with an experienced regional VP of a multinational tech company based in Singapore back in 2013. He wanted to take his business unit on a high-performance leadership journey.

We started working with his senior leadership team, got clear about what was most important, and then used the mountain climbing theme to scale this clarity throughout the region.

As is the case with many modern executives, 2016 saw him relocate to EMEA to head up a new acquisition and set it on a path to success.

Building on lessons learnt from the APJ roll out, he took the best parts of the leadership journey and applied it to the new organisation and market.

The results were spectacular so he decided to not only acknowledge and reward his executive leadership teams’ contribution to date, but build commitment and buy in for Phase 2.

He did something that not many, if any, leaders of tech companies have done before. He gave them a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from a Master Tracker and personally track some of Africa’s iconic animals in the wilderness of the Kruger National Park.

Connecting animal tracking and business success may seem counter- intuitive to many, but his willingness to look at things and do them differently is exactly why he’s leading his company with IoT at the forefront of his business objectives.

What makes Red Leaf so unique are our Virtual Adventures. We’ve climbed Mount Cook in NZ, kayaked the Okavango delta, sailed treacherous seas, dived in limestone caves & tracked lions…on foot, in Africa. We did this so corporate audiences can experience this in a conference room.

What exactly did this holistic approach to leadership entail?

Where Red Leaf has taken this to another level is bringing one of those experiences to life, on the ground with our tracking wilderness adventure in Africa. This is where you have the opportunity to track the most iconic animals on foot in Africa.

The relaxed structure of this experience, coupled with being immersed in nature belies the depth of understanding of yourself as a leader and your impact on your team that happens organically in this environment.

ROE (Return on Energy) is a formula that’s both inherent to this Red Leaf tracking wilderness experience and easily applied back to the very real business opportunities & challenges that any company are currently embracing and navigating. Within this construct accountable pathways are articulated including specific outcomes.

Together the aforementioned tech company & Red Leaf are using the ROE formula to customise and formulate clear accountable pathways for each leader and their respective teams that will help to support their planning process for 2020 and beyond.

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