Helpful Tips to Train and Retain Employees in 2023

In a recent article for Dynamic Business, Red Leaf’s CEO, Ian Schubach, reflected on what’s ahead for the 2023 business environment. With big tech tightening workforces at an ever-increasing rate and travel and entertainment experiencing a heightened bounce-back after a COVID-induced slumber, uncertainty continues to dominate many industries and workforces. In the never-ending war for quality talent, the solution to these challenges of uncertainty may look, at first glance, like they require a radically different approach.

‘Not so,’ says Ian. ‘Training is the key.’ 

Ian’s focus on the value of people may come as no surprise if you’re familiar with Red Leaf’s work. With a suite of Virtual Adventures designed to build robust, engaged and effective teams, the interpersonal dynamics of what makes a corporate team ready for the unknown is at the heart of his business’s focus.

‘Retaining quality employees who are highly trained is vital during a downturn: it’s how you make the most of the inevitable upturn that will come,’ shares Ian. ‘When it’s necessary to make cuts, yes – but make sure you behave like a surgeon, rather than a butcher in a rush.’ 

Look to the long-term

Ian advises that managers who are focused on retaining high-quality staff need to consider the long-term in the midst of financial pressures. 

‘Don’t outsource your short-term (often fund-manager driven) challenge to a consultancy that, typically, will have no idea of the nuances in the past investments you’ve made in staff.

‘On the other hand, hiring people in a rush with no plan on how to onboard them into an organisational culture, let alone how to build on their existing skills, is the glutton’s option. The immediate need is satisfied, but indigestion is sure to follow. Instead, opt for investing resources on hiring and training the right people who will continue to pay dividends in the long term.’

Focus on training and development

Even in the midst of a war for great talent, astute leaders will be able to find the people they need to build for the future. Ian’s top advice is to hold on tightly to your best people, while cherry-picking and training the best of the crop that less strategic organisations have made the mistake of letting go. 

The keys to a successful workplace

Other highlights from the Dynamic Business 2023 blueprint for attracting and retaining top talent include:

Incorporate both competitive compensation and benefits

Cultivate a positive and supportive work environment

Develop opportunities for professional growth

Offer flexible work arrangements

Promote employee wellness and work-life balance

In a competitive job field, employees are looking not only at remuneration factors, but at the overall impact their work will have on their ability to live with freedom and flexibility. By focusing on the development of a positive workplace culture, you can create a win-win for both your employees and your business.

Climbing an unknown mountain together

If you’re looking to cultivate greater togetherness across your team, Red Leaf’s Summit virtual adventure offers the perfect opportunity.

The strength and commitment of your team will be put to the test as you trek across New Zealand’s Southern Alps, attempting to summit the highest peak in the range, Mt Cook/Aoraki. The ever-changing mountains reflect the ever-changing market, with adaptability and the necessity of rapid decisions at the heart of this virtual experience.

Build resilience, teamwork, grit and determination with this Virtual Adventure.

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