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How We Work

Our first expedition and subsequent Virtual Adventure was created in 2003. Since then, we have been on a mission to help our clients shape a culture that delivers outstanding business results. Our mix of inspiring presentations, energetic team development exercises and the digital skills hub address the complexities of leadership and team dynamics in corporate culture today.

Using adventure as a metaphor, capabilities and skills are built in a way that is both productive & fun!


Customise Your Experience

Cameras in hand, we climb mountains, surf 30 foot waves and track African animals on foot for a singular purpose, to create more compelling leadership development tools that matter. Choose from our delivery methods to create a custom experience suited to your needs; utilise them all for a rounded and comprehensive development programme that defines your culture.

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Virtual Adventures

Embrace the challenge and become part of Red Leaf’s extreme adventure expeditions. Follow a series of video scenarios derived from our experiences, then choose your path. A real life, choose your own adventure.

Red Leaf’s Keynote Presentations

Energise and inspire your audience. Nurture a new way of thinking with keynote presentations by master storytellers who share their lived adventure experiences.

Digital Skills Hub

Continue the learning journey long after the conference or meeting has concluded. Use the Skills Hub to bridge from one live event to another. Visit the online hub to complete additional learning modules to be completed in one’s own time.

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