20 Sep 2023

Maximize the return on investment at your next company event.

The value of face-to-face gatherings has been reinforced over recent years. Building connections, deepening relationships, and understanding strategy are just some of the benefits of well-designed events. But how do we maximize the chances of all participants seeing the value in attending a large meeting or company conference? Three tips on helping to keep people […]

8 Mar 2023

Helpful Tips to Train and Retain Employees in 2023

In a recent article for Dynamic Business, Red Leaf’s CEO, Ian Schubach, reflected on what’s ahead for the 2023 business environment. With big tech tightening workforces at an ever-increasing rate and travel and entertainment experiencing a heightened bounce-back after a COVID-induced slumber, uncertainty continues to dominate many industries and workforces. In the never-ending war for […]

Part Two: The Importance of Measuring Productivity by Results, Not Inputs

As hybrid work environments have continued to bring new management challenges to the forefront, finding adaptive and future-oriented structures has become an urgent priority. In part one of our analysis of the importance of measuring productivity by results, not inputs, we identified the importance of defining success within an organisational structure in a way that […]

7 Mar 2023


How do you build a deep enduring relationship of mutual respect and trust. Alex and Renias show us how  … Renias Mhlongo and Alex van den Heever are from two completely different worlds. Over 25 years they have built a relationship of deep respect and mutual reward. I listened to their story recently. It moved […]

15 Feb 2023

Importance of Measuring Productivity by Results, Not Inputs

The influx of hybrid and remote work arrangements has brought new considerations for team leaders, business owners, and managers. Some of these are immediately apparent, such as equipping team members to work from home effectively and addressing remote policies, communication, and access issues. Others are more subtle, such as the sense of ownership, the ability […]

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