Working Together in the World

Since the beginning of time, humans have had to work together to solve difficult problems. This universal truth applies regardless of the context in which the work is taking place. It could be leading a team on a high-stakes business project or guiding a long adventure expedition. In the wilderness, there’s no pretence; there’s no room for politics or armchair experts – the wilds will catch you out.

We believe the best leaders lead by:

  • Engaging others in defining success
  • Providing clarity around team goals and roles
  • Setting up a series of guiding principles that govern team culture
  • Balancing short and long term priorities
  • Setting an example through their own behaviours


Explore Virtual Teaming Adventures

See the world through a different lens.

The biggest challenges that we will face tomorrow don’t exist today. Our view is that we will always need strong interpersonal relationships to get complex tasks done.

We regularly head out into the wilderness and set ourselves challenging mental & physical goals. In the past, these have included multi-week mountaineering adventures and fast-paced animal tracking expeditions. We film our exploits and the choices we face in the field and afterwards we shape the real events into an edited, video-based decision tree.

During the event, the audience puts their interpersonal skills to the test in a facilitated “choose your own adventure” style workshop.

This means through a combination of video and storytelling, the audience becomes immersed in the activities of a modern-day adventure team.

In short, our story becomes your story.


Who We Are

At Virtual Adventures powered by Red Leaf, we are passionate about the natural world and explore the invaluable human skills that connect high performance in the wilderness to the workplace. We create rich and highly interactive experiences to galvanise your next team session, leadership programme or event. Our programmes are designed to be fun and engaging while serving your end goals. We serve teams and leaders who are searching for innovative ways to stay connected and perform in the rapidly evolving ecosystem of work.


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