Why it Works

Our live keynote presentations and virtual adventures are action-packed and there are many lessons to take in. We ask participants to listen to stories, interact in teams and filter the experience through their own individual lens. In short, there is a lot going on!

The Red Leaf Skills Hub serves to harness the momentum and insights gained during your event. Revisit these learnings and allow them to sink in and manifest change.


About the Red Leaf Skills Hub

The Red Leaf Skills Hub is an online repository for all the Red Leaf follow up learning materials. The easy-to-navigate platform takes the lessons and key learning outcomes from a live event and is designed to facilitate participants embedding these into their day-to-day workflow.

We have found that using the Skills Hub has a dramatic impact on extending the return on investment from a meeting or conference. The Skills Hub drives practical outcomes through self – paced and on demand immersive content. Continue the journey online with the same adventure and spirit experienced during our Virtual Adventures or Keynote Presentations.

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Review Lessons

Key lessons are reiterated and combined with a suggested playbook to help individuals build skills. Learn how to design and deliver presentations like a pro, facilitate a more productive team meeting, build resilience levels, and more.

Easy Accessibility

Each module is designed to take between 5-30 minutes to complete and can be accessed at any time convenient to you.

Connect to your L&D programme

Use the Skills Hub to connect our content to an overall learning and development plan. Speak to us about connecting complimentary keynote presentations and virtual adventures and integrate these into your existing activities or let’s co-design a new plan that continues to build and strengthen your team.


Frequently Asked Questions

We can work on any video conferencing platform that supports video sharing. We have delivered many events through Webex, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

The beauty of technology allows us to deliver to audiences of any size. Contact us for our recommendation for your group size.

Virtual Adventures take longer than a typical 60-minute workshop. The total time will depend on how much time you want to spend on business-focused discussions.

We have a variety of options that build on the learning outcomes of a Virtual Adventure, like keynotes, workshops and a curriculum of bite-sized learning modules. Reach out to find out more.

All of them! Sales kickoffs, senior team meetings, leadership programmes, conferences, offsites, town halls & team building sessions. Reach out and we will co-design something to best fit your needs.

Log on to an online platform and be transported to a new environment. Interactive storytelling will immerse you in the adventure of a lifetime.

The adventure begins. We play a video clip that presents a choice.
You decide which path to follow.

Once you have chosen, we reveal the outcome that leads you to another decision.

Our face-to-face delivery methodology uses the natural energy generated by people coming together to connect, align and inspire audiences. Depending on the adventure theme chosen we bring tents, ropes, surfboards and kayaks to the event. Table materials include maps, fictional money and adventure information packs to drive further engagement.

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