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A Client First Mindset Is Vital

Learning programs that focus on personal effectiveness and a client-first mindset are vital for ongoing, sustained success.

The Loans & Specialised Finance team at ANZ have a history of strong technical capability and of fostering a culture of learning. A high performing organisation can only exist when both the technical and non-technical skills are balanced, given equal weight.

Some important focus areas for ongoing non-technical skill development is how to build trust with colleagues & clients quickly, work on strengthening internal relationships, keeping the customer at the heart of everything we do and creative problem solving.

ANZ partnered with Red Leaf to deliver a portion of a program designed to address personal performance. Red Leaf’s role on Day 1 of the 3-Day program is to focus on the behaviours of a high performing team. These teams have clear & aligned goals, defined roles & tasks, an understanding of individual contribution to the team, resilience and a process for decision-making.

We do this differently. Using the metaphor of the mountains and an engaging visual narrative, we transport each cohort of participants from the safety of the conference room to the slopes of one the most revered mountains in the world – Mt Cook in the New Zealand southern alps. As each team navigates their way up the mountain we stop often to acclimatise, just as mountaineers would, & reflect on what insights can be applied to purpose, strategy & personal performance.

The mountaineering Virtual Adventure, gives participants the opportunity to experience a high-performing team framework first-hand, see its value and learn what great execution looks like in a highly volatile environment.

The most important aspect of Red Leaf’s involvement in this process is about how the interactive documentary is linked with the content of the rest of the program. During the discovery & design process, we made sure to understand the programs objectives & outcomes so that our contribution could act as an engaging catalyst for the rest.

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