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Financial Software with a Singular Message.

Andrew Walsh never imagined that having co-founded a software business shortly after the 2000 tech crisis, he would one day be overseeing a company of 17 offices across 5 continents – as CEO of IRESS.

“While my background is technical – working in actuarial consulting and then establishing a new software business, I’ve always been deeply interested in business – the people, the clients and how it fits together. We’ve always been a company that acquires and the last five years has seen IRESS buy businesses in the UK, South Africa and Australia.”

Walsh continues, “We recognised that across several acquisitions, while we had the same direction, we all had different ways of doing things and this was slowing us down. This was an important challenge for us and I knew we had to seek a new perspective.

I naturally wasn’t keen to focus on our weaknesses but I also knew we needed input. Red Leaf had been highly recommended and their adventure background also really resonated with me. When I met Ian Schubach, Founder of Red Leaf, he was clear and honest. He also had a very practical and fresh approach to aligning our people towards the goals for the coming year. I was sold.”


When Red Leaf began working with us they identified key areas of focus and guidance: re-defining leadership roles, faltering internal team communication, and confusion of company message.

Schubach says, “In the beginning stages, we had a series of meetings to unearth the challenges Andrew and the team had in front of them. From here we launched our services with the design and immersive content of a “Global Roadshow” which travelled to 1800 employees across 4 continents, followed by a 90 day plan.”

Walsh continues, “Red Leaf’s combination of engaging and emotive content combined with the tools to secure a long-term leadership and team framework, has really united our vision. We were given consistent follow up to bring us a collection of operations, to fulfil our focus of one company with one message.”

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