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Filmed in Southern Africa, this virtual adventure immerses you into the complex and ancient art of animal tracking. Join a expert tracking team as they fight to protect wildlife and teach the next generation of trackers.

Set in Southern Africa, this Virtual Adventure immerses you into the complex and ancient art of animal tracking.

Wild animals make up their own minds and roam freely, we do not fully understand their communication signals. This generates uncertainty, but expert trackers are comfortable with this.

You may be wondering how tracking wild animals can connect to a business message? Organisations are tracking all the time, they track revenue, growth, profit, innovation, new customers and competitors.

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Adventure Info

  • Adventure: Animal Tracking
  • Duration: 90, 120 and 180 min versions
  • Type: Virtual or face to face
  • Capacity: Unlimited

Tracking Success is a high energy, high impact learning adventure that uses the Tracking Success Pathway to embed the Trackers Mindset.

The Big Idea

The Big Idea

Make the most of limited resources.

Every human is born track.

Hunting and gathering was humanity’s first and most successful strategy. Tracking and finding wildlife was key to this strategy. Over thousands of years, this ancient skill has been refined and passed down through the generations.

Now, you and your team have the opportunity to learn from these skills … to develop the Tracker Mindset.

The Tracker Mindset is open, curious and creative. It sees connections, values relationships and is extremely tenacious. Thriving in the ecosystem of work relies on these qualities.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

A combination of video and storytelling ensures you become immersed in the daily activities of a modern day expert Wildlife Tracking Team. Their story becomes your story.

Through a facilitator led, video-based decision-making process you become the tracker. You make the decisions. Finding the animal is in your hands.

Filmed deep in Southern Africa’s Greater Kruger National Park, your goal is to track, find and conserve some of Africa’s most endangered wildlife. Expert facilitation ensures tracking is linked to the opportunities you and your team face.

Tracking Success blends adventure, experiential learning and powerful content to deliver a unique learning experience.

Virtual Wildlife Tracking

Use the ancient craft of wildlife tracking to get your business on track for the road that lies ahead.

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