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Incorporate These Simple Technology Shifts to Support Hybrid Working

We’re in an age that’s constantly marked by evolving technologies. The monumental rise in WFH employees means that now, more than ever, the technological tools we use to carry out our work daily are make-or-break, with teams either empowered or restricted by the strength of their toolkits. For organisations that rely on collaborative workflows to see results, ensuring that teams have all they need to collaborate effectively, even from afar, is paramount.

With 70% of employees reporting that digital technology improves their collaboration, it’s no surprise that a sea of collaborative apps, tech offerings and solutions continue to flood the market. If you’re overwhelmed with the options available to you, here are our tips for supporting your team through simple technological shifts.


Embrace project management software

Overwhelmed by your unread emails? Project management software can radically improve the process of remote collaboration, giving each member of your team easy, immediate access to the information they need.

These tools can automate the process of creating tasks, sending reminders, executing workflows and bringing multiple departments together in single projects. Market leaders include Trello, Monday and Asana.


Improve internal communications

If you’re communicating with your team members across texts, phone calls, emails and a separate instant messaging platform, it’s time to simplify your tech stack. Tools like Slack are designed to bring text-based, audio-based and video-based communication all into one simple, streamlined platform. With robust search capabilities, public and private channels and conversation threads, hundreds of integrations and rich collaboration tools, Slack can single-handedly revolutionise collaborative processes.


Make the most of the cloud

Google Drive. Dropbox. AWS. Microsoft Sharepoint. There’s no shortage of cloud-based file storage systems on the market. No matter your weapon of choice, storing your company’s files in the cloud will give you the best of both worlds: improved collaborative access and safer data management standards.

Cloud-based storage can allow employee accessibility to team files and updates no matter where they’re based geographically. This is particularly valuable for collaboration that may otherwise be hampered by delays and frustrations related to access for those who aren’t based in a physical office.


Focus on the why, not just the how

With a great tech stack, teamwork and collaboration can remain front and centre. Beyond the tech stack? The capability of your team to perform will come down to the strength of their ability to work in a robust, outcome-oriented team.

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