Kavita Adhikari

With 15 years of corporate sales and marketing experience in multinational organisations across various cultures and geographies, Kavita offers valuable insights into today’s business environment and challenges. She holds a master’s degree in consumer marketing, a digital marketing strategy certification from INSEAD and a qualified mountain climber grade from the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, India.

Having grown up in the Himalayan towns, Kavita has an impressive CV that has taken her all over the world, including most parts of Asia, Turkey, Ireland and the UK. Strong-willed and resilient, below are her 3 key lessons for teams:

  1. Never say never
  2. Mind over matter
  3. Success lies in courage

She has now started her own entrepreneurial journey based out of Melbourne, Australia. Joining the Red Leaf team as Biz Development Rep and a Virtual Adventure co-facilitator, Kavita is exploring her passion for Ed Tech, enabling education via virtual means. It’s a dream she hopes will one day help less privileged children to experience sportsmanship and the great outdoors, even when it’s not physically possible.


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