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What is a Leader Without Their Team? How to Build Strong Leaders

Without a team to lead, a leader is unable to fulfil the functions of leadership. It’s why there are so many quotes about the importance of the team when examining the concept of leadership. Not only does it take committed, intentional and high-performing leaders to build strong, secure teams, but great leaders are quick to recognise that they’re only as successful as their team.


The difference between a group and a team

Anyone can become a part of a group. In fact, simply showing up at work at the same time can make two people a part of the same group. In order to transform that group into a team, the individuals within it must share a commitment to working together to achieve common goals, helping the organisation fulfil its purpose.

Leaders recognise that great teams are made up of the sum of many parts, varying the kinds of experiences, perspectives, skills and instincts within their team to build a robust approach to the task at hand. By prioritising diversification, leaders can also equip members of their team to take ownership and initiative, highlighting where that team member brings great benefits to the overall team unit.


The traits of strong leaders

John Maxwell wrote, ‘leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.’ By removing the focus from elevating themselves, and instead using their power and authority to elevate their team, leaders can cultivate a team that can achieve common goals and deliver above-and-beyond results.

One of the most consistent traits of strong leaders is the trust they place in their team. Leaders who cannot delegate or who micro-manage aren’t making the most of the resources within their team. They’re also sending clear messages to their team members, telling them their opinions, input or ownership are less valuable than the leaders’ themselves.

By creating an environment of trust and accountability, both the team members themselves and the team leader reap the benefits. Great leaders understand trust and ownership as the foundation to rich, positive workplace cultures, welcoming collaboration and contribution in the pursuit of organisational goals.


Cultivating teamwork and ownership

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