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Into The Okavango Screening

Last night we had the pleasure of seeing Into the Okavango, centred around a team of explorers on their first expedition to save the river system that feeds the Okavango Delta, one of our planet’s last wetland wildernesses. This once untouched oasis is now under siege due to increasing pressure from human activity.

The cinematography was extraordinary but the storyline even more powerful.

“We have the power to protect and we have the power to destroy. And we are sitting with that choice”.

In order to start doing something about this, the team completed a four-month, 1,500 mile expedition surveying the entire river system including places they had never been. No one knew what lived there, or what to expect. But they all understood that

“This is our planet. Without it we will go extinct”

Throughout the expedition, the discomfort and obstacles the team faced were made to seem so small compared to the impact this would have for our world. This level of thinking was a critical factor of their success. Importantly, it was no mean feat and only the beginning.

We have always believed in thinking about the way we do business through a different lens. Taking fascinating expeditions like these and looking at them with a business hat on raises interesting ideas.

Businesses have a lot of power and are definitely sitting with many choices. How can we, as modern-day leaders identify and then communicate where time and energy needs to be focused to keep the organisation alive and thriving?

One team member in the expedition says “I needed to believe, and now I will do everything in my power and anything in my power to protect this place”.

We invite you to think about this.

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