2 Aug 2022

Encourage Effective Communication Within Teams Using These 5 Steps

Great teams are the cornerstone of many outstanding achievements. Whether in sports, businesses, communities or families, teams can work together to transform outcomes, find inventive solutions and achieve results that are impossible when attacked alone. While great teams come in different shapes, sizes and makeups, there’s one thing outstanding teams have in common: effective communication. […]

12 Jul 2022

3 Critical Steps to Get the Most Out of Team Meetings

Team meetings play an important function in uniting each member around a common vision. Whether you’re bringing your team together to make a key decision, creatively develop new market opportunities, share industry data, or build interpersonal relationships, team meetings can be a powerful tool when run with intent. But when they’re left to their own […]

4 Jul 2022

Make Sure Your Team Isn’t Lacking These 4 Critical Skills

Great teamwork isn’t achieved by accident, but it’s certainly necessary for any organisation or endeavour. In the words of the industrialist Andrew Carnegie, ‘Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organisational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.’ […]

9 Jun 2022

Why Does a Flexible Workplace Matter? It benefits your business and employees

With remote and flexible workplaces on the rise, more and more employees are pointing to flexibility as an integral measure of satisfaction in the workplace. The global COVID-19 pandemic brought to the forefront a conversation about the future of work. Cultural and policy-driven shifts that were slow to move suddenly gained rapidity, with millions of […]

3 Jun 2022

5 Ways to Move Your Inbox From Distraction to Production

As of 2020, 300.4 billion emails were sent and received every single day. If you’re trying to put your head down and focus on the most important task at hand in any given workday, fighting the battle of the inbox is a crucial step on the path toward deep work. With a chunk of those […]

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    Shaping Your Organisational Culture

    Creating a high-performance culture is a phrase we hear often, especially in corporate settings. Often it is muttered by stressed executives within the context of a broader discussion about some kind of ideal desired state. If you are a brand new start-up you have a wonderful opportunity to create your culture from scratch.

    For those working in large, established organisations it’s different. You cannot create your culture. That’s because it already exists. Its essence was cast years ago by the behaviours and habits of founders and early employees, and their responses to the environment in which they were operating at that time.

    Our best hope is to shape the existing culture, much like a potter that moulds clay and then fires it in a kiln. We do this by defining the ideal behaviours and habits that best serve us in the current environment (the moulding) and then testing and refining these in the heat of the modern marketplace (the firing).

    Let’s take a dive into three ways that we believe business leaders can shape a supportive, results-focused team culture that’s forward-facing in 2022.


    Prioritise authenticity in the workplace

    The last couple of years has taken a major toll on many of us. Some individuals have experienced extreme hardship as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Others may be experiencing compassion fatigue, struggling to keep up in a world that’s often ruled by difficult news and events.

    A robust team culture can be supported by valuing authenticity in the workplace. Rather than compartmentalising work and life, employees who are a part of a team culture that values authenticity are encouraged to bring their full selves to work. This includes a:

    • A high degree of self-awareness across their own strengths and limitations, and those of the wider team
    • Priority on transparency with honest, straightforward communication the cornerstone of a transparent working environment
    • Foundation of trust that’s cultivated through small, strategic choices on a daily basis.


    Focus on a shared vision

    Does every member of your team know why they’re integral to the business’s overall operations? By connecting your people to your business’s purpose, you will see an increase in the ability of the team to problem-solve, adapt, and apply creative thinking to critical areas of opportunity and challenge. When team members are disconnected from the overall company purpose, it’s much easier for them to feel under-utilised, confused, or demotivated in their daily work requirements.

    Make sure individuals have a shared vision at the forefront, inviting them to take ownership in shared outcomes and to see the fruit of their hard work on a daily basis.


    Look for out-of-the-box opportunities

    You can learn a lot about the people you work beside by stepping out of the familiar, everyday work environment. One powerful way to increase the quality of your team culture is to throw your team into unusual problem-solving adventure environments. Our Big Wave Virtual Adventure places teams of colleagues in the heart of the ocean, where they must adapt to rapid change and work effectively together in order to succeed.

    This virtual adventure enables your team to identify opportunities, collaborate across boundaries and focus on delivering value for clients.

    So, get to it!

    Shape the right culture and you can ultimately transform how individuals and teams operate. But if one element of culture is out of alignment, it’s not long before major ripple effects are felt across every part of the organisation.