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The beverage industry is saturated with competition and exploring ways to stand out in the market is vital for success. Heineken understand the strategic importance of talent development and promoting a smart & healthy culture – when young leaders have a strong focus on the people around them as well as their business targets, they sustain and grow their competitive advantage.

Heineken is a leader in manufacturing, branding, and distributing beverages globally. Such extensive scale demands the constant development of future leaders who are adaptable, innovative, collaborative and decisive. Our long-standing relationship is fostered through deep understanding of Heineken’s leadership principles and business values. Working closely with June Koh (HR Director, China), Peter Crawshaw (HR Business Partner, DB Breweries) and Jayclyn Wong (HR Executive, Asia Pacific Breweries), we have created a custom program that aligns our practical tools with Heineken’s particular challenges. Together we designed & delivered the Leadership Development Programme (LDP).

During the course of the programme we leverage a wide range of our products & services, from virtual adventures to workshops and design expertise. Our mountain virtual adventure is included in the program to show the real-life development of a high-performing team, giving participants the chance to develop their leadership and teaming skills in a safe and fun environment. Peter describes, “the addition of the virtual adventure into this programme greatly improved collaboration between our teams and gave them a synchronised decision-making process which they can take back to their teams”.

Often in the workplace, people are apprehensive of approaching senior executives with issues or feedback. We co-designed the programme to provide tools to address healthy conflict & tension. This powerful skill will allow future leaders to work constructively with new teams and territories as they progress through the company. We also use a personal leadership philosophy exercise to help shape the management style of participants. These learned skills and techniques will allow participants to manifest a smart and healthy business culture throughout the coming decade and beyond. Peter continues, “the skills that our young leaders walk away with from the LDP are an integral part of our ongoing success as a business”.

The skills that our young leaders walk away with from the LDP are an integral part of our ongoing success as a business.

Peter Crawshaw HR Director, China - Heineken


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