14 Sep 2022

Every Human is a Born Tracker: The value of mindset and method in a wild world

Every human is born a tracker. Every day we track the things that matter to us, whether we’re doing so consciously or not. Knowing what to track, who to track with, and how to get back on track is vital to living a rich, fulfilling and rewarding life. The job of an expert wildlife tracker […]

8 Sep 2022

Our CEO Featured on the Talking Business Podcast: The Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity Organisations Have in 2022

Ian Schubach, the CEO of Red Leaf, knows a thing or two about adventures. After spending many years as a safari guide in Southern Africa, Ian experienced first-hand the complex and competitive ecosystems of the African bush. Now, in his role at Red Leaf, Ian designs and facilitates Virtual Teaming Adventures for corporate teams. Through […]

5 Aug 2022

Corporate Culture and the Hybrid Workplace – Why it Matters

While the world may have opened up again as of 2022, the importance of flexible or hybrid workplaces post-pandemic only continues to grow. This is highlighted in recent findings from Working during the Pandemic: The future of work is hybrid, a study prepared by UNSW Canberra Public Service Research Group and CQ University, which found […]

2 Aug 2022

Encourage Effective Communication Within Teams Using These 5 Steps

Great teams are the cornerstone of many outstanding achievements. Whether in sports, businesses, communities or families, teams can work together to transform outcomes, find inventive solutions and achieve results that are impossible when attacked alone. While great teams come in different shapes, sizes and makeups, there’s one thing outstanding teams have in common: effective communication. […]

12 Jul 2022

3 Critical Steps to Get the Most Out of Team Meetings

Team meetings play an important function in uniting each member around a common vision. Whether you’re bringing your team together to make a key decision, creatively develop new market opportunities, share industry data, or build interpersonal relationships, team meetings can be a powerful tool when run with intent. But when they’re left to their own […]

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