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5 WFH Productivity Tools that Make for Great Teams and Great Work

One of the unexpected benefits of the global shift to hybrid and remote work over the past few years? The plethora of WFH tools that are transforming how business is done on a daily basis!

If you’re a tech lover, you’re probably familiar with some of the WFH hacks flooding the internet. Standing desks, under-desk treadmills, ring lights and more continue to transform the way people navigate their work days, often taking a two-birds, one-stone approach to daily workflow rhythms.

Our favourite tools are less about the quality of lighting for Zoom calls and more about how to increase productivity for you and your team. Here’s our round-up of WFH productivity tools that can make a remarkable difference to your daily productivity.


Manage your time: Pomodoro Tracker

Sometimes, complicated isn’t better. Pomodoro Tracker uses the Pomodoro technique as an easy, accessible and encouraging way to manage time.

This is particularly useful for those who find it difficult to focus or struggle with structuring the day. Pomodoro Tracker gives you a 25-minute limit to focus. Once that time’s up, you’re allocated a 5-minute break before you rinse and repeat again.

People report being happily surprised by how much they can get done in these 25-minute chunks. This is a powerful way to increase personal productivity while also promoting the importance of regular, mindful breaks throughout the work day.


Manage your attention: Freedom

Freedom is touted as the world’s best app and website blocker, enabling the blocking of distractions across all devices. With the ability to create custom blocklists and lengths of blocks, you can customise your workday to remove unwanted distractions or interruptions. Simply use Freedom’s existing blocklists, or build your own, and set how long you’d like to focus. You’ll be amazed how much you can get done when you’re not responding to every incoming text!


Manage your collaboration: Slack

Skip out on complicated email chains and bring your remote team together with Slack. With the ability to separate conversations into channels, file sharing, video and voice calls, and integrations across all kinds of third-party apps, Slack is built for seamless, robust remote work and collaboration.


Manage your schedule: Calendly

If you’re regularly in communication across your team, Calendly can simplify the process of finding meeting times that suit everybody. Eliminate the risk of double booking and use Calendly’s smart features to identify shared availability, with direct integration to your calendar also reducing the double-handling of scheduling. This tool can dramatically simplify your communication processes, helping with scheduling both internally and externally.


Manage your motivation: Mountain Climbing

If you’re looking to increase teamwork and cohesiveness while navigating a remote or hybrid team, Red Leaf’s Mountain Climbing Virtual Adventure can bring your team together in an engaging, exhilarating and rewarding way. Test the strength and commitment of your team as they trek across New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Build resilience, adaptability, teamwork, grit and determination in a collaborative environment that can take place within a remote setting. Book a demo today and bring your team (virtually) closer than ever before.

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